The quality management system will be updated (16/02/12). The update includes two new features which will be available for use on Friday 17/02/12.

Firstly the project details screen now includes customer contact information and a project reference field. This replaces the need to add the customer as a user to the project. Correspondingly we have also included new tags to incorporate the contact information into forms and letters. Secondly the project list now includes the project reference field.

Customer Contact Information

The customer information screen is where you enter the contact details for the customer. Please enter the name and address of the customer and their e-mail and your unique project reference. The project reference is displayed in the project list and can be incorporated into documents. Further details please see the documents section to automatically include the contact information in a letter.

Customer Contact Details

Customer information

The following information is available from the project details screen.

[[CustomerName]] - customer name
[[CustomerAddress]] - customer address
[[CustomerTown]] - customer town
[[CustomerCounty]] - customer County
[[CustomerPostcode]] - customer postcode
[[CustomerTelephone]] - customer telephone number
[[CustomerEmail]] - Project Email
[[ProjectReference]] - Project reference - this is displayed in the project list

Merge customer information into documents

Document Editing

In the document editor you can automatically insert information to merge your customer contact details, your company details and project references into documents. At the bottom of the editor there are buttons automatically insert the code.

Editing documents